We use some of the most coveted materials in our sculptures so that they demand the space they are in. We know you have come to us because you don’t want something run of the mill! One of kind custom furniture design pieces is our specialty. For a true work of art that will enhance your overall décor and act as a focal point in your home, give our interior designer a call!

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Custom Made Sculptures

You have poured your heart and creativity into designing the perfect space. As you scan the room, you cannot help but notice a blank canvas on your wall. These types of spaces are what our custom made sculptures are intended for. You don’t want a “filler” for the space; some inadequate framed picture to detract from your interior design. You need one of our custom designed pieces to anchor the room. We use our unique design element and artistic eye to construct a piece that acts as a finishing touch to your overall room. We use many types of materials, like various types of metals and wood. From classic, to contemporary, our interior design company can create beautiful hanging or standing pieces. Imagine a lovely wall hanging used to hug the curves of your banister. What about an amazing sculpture that demands presence perched on your foyer console table? Our artwork says a lot about the homeowner and their personality. Custom created designs like ours show your savviness in the arts and your appreciation for personalizing your biggest investment – your home! We can construct a piece for you of any size or scale to match your needs. For our custom furniture design services, which include tailor made sculptures, give our design team a call today.

Sculpture Design

Our sculpture designs are meant to amplify and elevate so called “dead” spaces in homes. Your eyes have a natural contour when they scan a home or entranceway. These artistic pieces force your line of sight to take notice and pause. As a third generation, family owned company, our reputation is built on our name. The challenge of exceeding customer expectations fueled by our passion for what we do has produced a number of amazing artworks. This is proof evident by the number of positive word of mouth referrals we receive. If you are looking for a custom designed sculpture to showcase your home or office, give us a call. We give free estimates on our work and welcome the chance to discuss your artistic enhancements. The dimensions of your room, as well as lighting and color can play a huge role in the size and materials we use. We use our experience and expertise with the materials to create amazing angles, curves, and hues. All of our designs come straight from the heart and we are confident you will be impressed with the level of artistic savvy put forth on every custom made sculpture. Call today!

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We do sculptures in Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, and nearby cities.