Furniture Design

Our luxury furniture design plans are all inspired to be an artistic and functional focal point in your home or office. Whether as a conversation piece or for increased organization, we use a variety of materials in our custom crafted entertainment units, tables, sofas, home theaters, sculptures, and more. For more information on how our interior design services can construct the perfect custom furniture for you, give us a call.

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Custom Designed Furniture

Our custom designed furniture can enhance the feel of any room. We can literally design anything you can imagine. This is very powerful when the furniture design is specific to your interior design. We can make a simple end table into something palatial. Does your room call for an ornate entertainment center? How about a unique wall unit? Our custom furniture design will make it happen. Our clients are generally looking for a luxurious feel that stock pieces cannot produce. Our custom wood furniture is an art form that even the most critical eye will adore. Are you looking to take your décor even farther? We create stunning sculptures of glass, steel, and copper, as well. Let your room make a statement about who you are. Watch our creations come to life. Call us with your furniture ideas today!

Custom furniture designs exude class in any setting. This goes for the home or the office. When a potential client is in your waiting room, are they getting an idea of who you are? It is time for your furniture to impress your clients as much as you do. The same is true in the home; your guests should be able to feel the level of sophistication. We are ready to make your interior design create the ambience you need. Whether you want to go with a chic décor, modern or contemporary, or classic, our expert design makes it happen. Of course, it would lose its effect if it were a copy of something else. Everything we do is one of a kind. Unique and original furniture design speaks volumes about its owner. Start making a statement right now!

Home Theater Design

The home theater is one of the best locations for custom furniture design. This goes far beyond recreating the feel of cinema chairs. Let us create a family gathering point for you that everyone can enjoy. Comfort does not have to sacrifice class and graceful air. The thundering sounds of an action movie keep teenage boys happy, and beautiful furniture lets Mom enjoy it, as well. The perfect media space does need to fall victim to electronics and wires. One of our custom storage cabinets will give you the perfect balance between tech, chic and comfort. Go beyond a big TV and a great sound system. Create a true, custom home theater by harnessing our furniture designs. Contact us today to explore some of ideas to make this happen.

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We do furniture design in Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, and nearby areas.