Custom Sofas

Custom sofas are a specialty of ours; if you can’t find the right couch for your living room, bedroom, waiting area, or other unique space, let us create one that meets and exceeds your vision. Whether you are trying to put the finishing touch on the last room in your home or showroom, or are looking to create the focal point of an entire space, our creative design team can help you nail it. Call now to set up your design consultation!

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Having over 30 years of experience in interior design, our skilled team has worked on a wide array of properties, including all imaginable types of homes. We can provide custom sofas for all sorts of spaces, including: casinos, studios, restaurants, hotels, and more. If you are looking for a custom loveseat, couch, sectional, or any other type of custom furniture to set your property apart, give us a call and see how we can meet your needs.

Designing Couches

When something from the store or the gallery won’t do, that’s where we come in. No matter the magnitude of the designs or creativity that you have in mind for your custom sofa, we’re up for the challenge! If you haven’t seen some of our previous work on Pinterest, you can get some ideas and inspiration from our boards there. Or, if you already know just what you’re looking to create, then give us a call!

Our design process is simple; we take the concepts that you’re harboring in your head and we bring them to life on paper and with CAD renderings. Once you’re fully satisfied with the designs, we’ll get to work building your custom sofa, or any other furniture you may want us to build for your home or property.

With over three decades in the industry, we’ve seen and done a lot so far, and are excited to tackle the next design challenge! And as a third-generation family business, we make sure each and every job is completed with the same level of excellence that we hold ourselves to time and time again… after all, our name is on the line. Call now and let’s get started building your dream space!

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We design and build custom sofas in Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, and nearby cities.