Imagination Unplugged

Imagination unplugged is a slogan that we have coined because it identifies so well with what your thought pattern should be when designing a room. Having your imagination run wild doesn’t always equal spending more money to design and build a project. As a matter of fact, when you think beyond the walls of your space, and outside the box of what’s trending, your imagination gets unplugged and more creative. The key is to ask “Why not questions”. Why not use brick on my bathroom floor, Why not use a slab of marble verses marble tile. Why not use XYZ. The most satisfying jobs are those that have limited budgets because you need to be creative in the mediums you choose.

Having a great design is not always the reason why a job cost more, it’s usually the mediums you choose. For instance, you can buy a water closet ( toilet bowl) $200-900 on average or a faucet in the same ball bark. You can buy marble flooring for $10.00 a square foot or you can ask the fabricator or marble yard to purchase some of there broken pieces and/or go through there dumpster to find broken pieces that you can soften the sharp edges of and put that on the floor. Keep your mind open to all possibilities and think outside the box. When you are creative with mediums your job will be unique and certainly different from your friends and neighbors that limit themselves to what’s trending or featured in this months Design Magazine.